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Our Fine Selection of Fresh Meats

All fresh meats and sausages must be shipped overnight. Please call us at (509) 674-5755 for shipping details.

Because our fresh meat products use no preservatives, we can only ship fresh items from September 1st to May 31st via our standard shipping methods. Over night or next day shipping will be provided for all fresh meat products. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Marinated Steak
Mama Glondo's own special recipe. These tender steaks are perfectly seasoned and ready for cooking.
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::Weight      $15.40 lbs
    Mild Italian Sausage
    Italian sausage made with top quality pork that is hand-boned and trimmed daily. Seasoned with fennel and other spices.

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::Weight      $6.99 lbs

    Hot Italian Sausage
    Exactly like the mild Italian, but with crushed red hot peppers.
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::Weight      $6.99 lbs

    Fresh Salaming
    Northern Italian style sausage made of top quality pork and red wine. Mild.
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::Weight      $6.99 lbs

    Breakfast Links
    Made with leanest pork flavored with sage. Comes in links or patties.
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::Weight      $6.45 lbs

    Cinnamon flavored pork sausage. Great for breakfast or fried with cabbage.
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::Weight      $6.99 lbs

    A very mild German sausage made with pork. Great boiled with beer and onions and served on a bun.
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::Weight      $6.99 lbs

    Crafted from a 50 Year old recipe. Cold smoked (Croatian Style) pork and beef sausage. Good garlic flavor. Wonderful on a bun with sauerkraut.
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::Weight      $8.10 lbs

    Old-Fashioned Franks
    Our franks are all beef and made with the finest seasoning. They are fully cooked. Eat as is or boil to make them plump and juicy.
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::Weight      $7.75 lbs

Our Fine Selection of
Smoked / Cured Meats

    Northern Italian Style Dry Salami
    Made from the finest, leanest cuts of fresh pork, hand boned and trimmed. Made with a classic blend of seasonings and wine. Naturally dry cured. Great for sandwiches, antipasto trays and pizzas.
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::Weight      $19.45 lbs

    We have cocktail and log pepperoni. Not to spicey but it will bite you. The log pepperoni is great on pizza.
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::Weight      $10.40 lbs

    Copa Cola
    A whole piece of pork, seasoned, hand-tied and naturally dried. Sliced thin, it's perfect on pizza, cold cuts, pastas, salads and hors d'oeuvres.
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::Weight      $20.45 lbs

    Beef Jerky
    This mouthwatering morsel is like none other. Made from the finest inside top round, the tender perfectly smoked meat almost melts in your mouth.
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::Weight      $22.95 lbs

    Made with the finest beef, pork and spices. We faithfully recreate this centuries old recipe.
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::Weight      $15.40 lbs